Aerodrome Reporting Officer & Works Safety Officer

The AAG Aerodrome Reporting Officer & Works Safety Officer training course is a course designed to meet the requirements of Civil Aviation Safety Regulations and CASA MOS Part 139 – Aerodromes, regarding the training and competency of aerodrome officers performing the duties variously known as Aerodrome Reporting Officer, Airport Safety Officer, Works Safety Officer or Inspecting Officer, at all classifications of aerodrome (Certified, Registered, Aircraft Landing Area including Certain Other aerodromes).

About The Course . . .

  • CASR 139 compliant course
  • Presenters hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as well as extensive experience in aerodrome operations
  • This course is designed ideally for 6 participants over a minimum of 2.5 days but may extend to 3 days depending on practical assessment timings and actual participant numbers
  • The course is normally conducted on-site at a client’s aerodrome
  • To maintain relevant course content the subject matter is designed around the target aerodrome’s classification, density and complexity as well as being practically oriented
  • The subjects covered include:
    Aerodrome Management Structure Aerodrome Standards Aerodrome Geography
    Aerodrome Documentation Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Pans-Ops surfaces
    Airside Access & Driving Visual Ground Aids Aerodrome Reporting
    Aerodrome Serviceability Inspections Animal Hazard Management Aerodrome Works Safety
    Temporarily Displaced Thresholds Aerodrome Emergency Procedures ERSA RDS DAP decode
    Radiotelephony Situational Awareness AROC/ELP  

Airside Awareness Workshop

In addition to the ARO/WSO training, an Aerodrome Induction workshop has been developed. The Aerodrome Induction is an awareness presentation aimed at equipping those personnel who access the aerodrome for the purposes of maintenance, aircraft servicing and surveillance, with the minimum knowledge required to operate safely on the movement area.

This 3 hour workshop covers airside driving, aerodrome access, aerodrome markers and markings and safety systems. The content will be customised to suit specific aerodromes.

Airside Security Induction

This workshop is aimed at providing airside workers with the necessary knowledge to enable them to meet their security obligations.

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