AAG offers aerodrome inspection services that meet regulatory requirements for Certified, Registered and Certain Other aerodromes.

Aerodrome Safety Inspections

Aerodrome Safety Inspections are conducted at Registered Aerodromes and Certain Other Aerodromes by CASR 139.320 Approved Persons.  These inspections are conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements and include a comprehensive and compliant report.

Aerodrome Technical Inspections

The CASA regulations requiring Certified Aerodromes to conduct annual Technical Inspections on aerodrome facilities can be satisfied by AAG.  Complete inspections include:

  • Compliance audit

  • Instrument surveys of take-off, approach and transitional surfaces

  • Inspection and testing of electrical reticulation and lighting systems

  • Pavement and associated infrastructure assessments

  • Assessment of procedures and processes

Inspections are performed by appropriately qualified and experienced staff who have been approved by CASA under CASR 139.320.  At the completion of each inspection a comprehensive and compliant report is raised detailing all findings and, where necessary, recommendations to rectify any identified deficiencies.

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